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What are the Requirements of Denmark Work Permit ?

Denmark work permits visaForeign nationals willing to immigrate to Denmark have to acquire a Denmark work permit prior to the beginning of the work in the country. However, if the duration of stay is less than three months, one need not acquire a residence or a work permit. Denmark work permit is required if there is a need to play a part in the output of the company, generate a product or change a product.

Denmark Work Permit Schemes:

High qualified professionals are made available with Denmark Green card scheme, corporate scheme, which are the two available schemes among the different schemes to acquire a Denmark work permit.

1. Denmark Green Card Scheme:

Highly qualified professionals can come to Denmark to find work and later work in Denmark through Danish Green card scheme.

Denmark Work Permit Requirements under Green Card Scheme:

Individuals aiming for a Denmark work permit under the Danish Green card scheme have to fulfill the following requirements
  • Acquire at least 100 points. Education, work experience, age, language and adaptability are the factors based on which the points are given.
  • Must have complete health insurance that covers the applicant as well as the accompanied family members till the time he or she is covered by the health insurance of Denmark.
  • Must be able to demonstrate through documentation that he or she will be able to support oneself during the initial stay in the country without seeking any assistance from the public.
  • If the residence permit is being sought for the accompanied family members then it is essential to document that he or she will be able to support them financially.

2. Denmark Corporate Scheme:

Companies, which hold the operations in Denmark, can easily transfer the employees possessing special abilities from a foreign department to go on with a project or to perform work in Denmark that is educational or creative in nature under the corporate scheme.

Denmark Work Permit Requirements Under Corporate Scheme:

In order to avail a Denmark work permit under corporate scheme several conditions have to be met. However, a part of the requirements are with regards to the company and its standing. So, the company is recommended to acquire a corporate approval prior to applying a residence permit. It is not mandatory that the company needs to acquire a corporate approval. However, chances are high that the Denmark work permit can be processed at a quick rate if the company acquires it. To get more details about this work permit, fill out our Enquiry form, and also for updates please follow MoreVisas at Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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