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The United Arab Emirates, or the UAE as it is more commonly known, is one of the most luxurious, affluent regions of the world. In particular, Dubai stands out on the map for many reasons. With a thriving world-class economy which is one of the wealthiest in the Gulf coast region, it’s not surprising that more and more expatriates from all over the world are up-rooting their lives to move here. [caption id="attachment_1036" align="alignleft" width="300"]Dubai-Luxurious-Hotels Dubai-Luxurious-Hotels[/caption] Dubai is all about sophistication and a strong sense of style, which is why the country’s shopping malls are unrivalled as being the most-visited shopping and leisure destinations, not just in the UAE, but in the world. Dubai Mall features 1,200 shops which include 120 fine restaurants and cafes, 22 cinema screens and even a 250-room luxury hotel. When you arrive in Dubai you won’t want to leave once you have had a taste of this luxury lifestyle. Another perk of moving to the Middle-East is the generous tax-free earnings. Salaries here are typically higher than other countries, and with the tax-free element, Dubai is quite simply a monetary paradise perfect for entrepreneurs and those looking to invest or save. Dubai is also a fantastic country to meet interesting people from all walks of life, especially with the amount of international visitors and expats who have moved here over the years. A land of opportunities for work and play, it’s easy to see the advantages of living here, however be warned that the Islamic government is extremely strict on who they let in and out of Dubai so it’s always advisable to thoroughly research into the different types of global visas which are available for work, study and residency. If you like your temperatures warm and sunny all year round, then any country in the UAE can cater for this; just remember that the weather does remain at a constant high temperature so be sure this is something you are comfortable with. Summers in Dubai typically start in July and last until September with the general heat and humidity levels usually rising above 45 degrees Celsius. When the temperatures here hit a certain point, employees within many industries are advised to stay at home, as even using public transport becomes an incredible dangerous task. Even during the winter months you can expect temperatures to be in the 30 degree region, making this the most desired and comfortable season for tourists to stay for longer periods of time. Whatever your reasons are for choosing to become an expatriate; whether you have family in Saudi Arabia or a promising career ahead in Dubai, once you move to the Middle East, you will wonder how you ever lived anywhere else.

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