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Eligibility Criteria for Obtaining United States B2 Tourist Visa

B2 Tourist Visa

United States B2 Tourist Visa

Travelers looking out for an opportunity to visit USA can now do so with a tourist visa for USA. It is called a US B-2 tourist visa. It is a non-immigrant type of tourist visa which is essential for nationals not falling under the Visa Waiver Program. An added advantage of having the tourist visa to USA is that you can you can change the status to a different type of visa or green card. Apart from a leisure trip, a USA tourist visa is useful in medical emergencies if you want to undergo a treatment in the US.

Tourist Visa USA :

There are two types of visas basically, They are :-

  1. Immigrant visas- Also known as the Permanent visa or Green card visa, it offers the applicants an opportunity to settle in the US.
  2. Non-immigrant visa- It gives a chance to individuals to visit the US for a short duration. With this visa, one cannot live there permanently. The B-2 visa is one of the most common non immigrant visas.

Eligibility for a tourist visa :

  • You will need to prove to the US immigration authorities the following stated factors to make yourself eligible for a tourist visa.
  • Your purpose of visit to the US should be either a leisure trip or for medical reasons like a treatment.
  • Your trip is only for a particular time period and not indefinitely.
  • Proof of residence (outside the US) such that you will leave the country once your trip is over.
  • Permission to enter a foreign country (probably your own) once you depart from the United States.
  • Have the finances to pay for your visit and departure from the US.

USA tourist visa application :

For a tourist visa process for USA, you need to apply much in advance. The USA tourist visa application form has to be submitted online. The form DS-160 requires you to pay the visa application fee along with scheduling an appointment to apply for the tourist visa at the local US embassy or consulate in the country of your residence.

The consular officers are very well adapted to find out the purpose of your visit to the US-whether you are visiting the country for travel purpose or illegally wanting to work there. You should also have proof to substantiate the funds for your stay. Further, the officer should be assured that you are eligible for the visit visa by overcoming the presumption in Section 214 (b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) which specifies that all visitors are intending immigrants. 

If you can prove your strong and abiding ties with your home land, then it will be taken for granted that you have all intentions of returning. Once you get the B-2 visitor visa, you can definitely enjoy your stay in the US and visit the wonders that this amazing country has to offer!

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