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What is EU blue card visa?

The EU blue card is a new kind of card on offer to skilled individuals who are non-EU individuals. It is actually a card which allows the holder of the card to reside and work in Germany.

EU blue card requirements Germany:

The basic criteria that are needed to be fulfilled for the issuance of EU blue card are that the applicant has to have a minimum level of educational qualification and a minimum level of salary. To apply for this EU blue card (or, EU Blue card for Germany), the applicant needs to first approach and apply to the consulate or embassy which has its jurisdiction over the place of his/her residence. It is also true that citizens of some countries do not require a visa (the list of such countries is freely available with the consulate/embassy or on the web) to enter and stay in Germany.

EU blue card application process:

[caption id="attachment_2230" align="alignright" width="300"]EU Blue Card EU Blue Card[/caption] Once a work visa is granted to an applicant by the consulate/embassy where he/she has applied, he/she is also issued a ‘blue card’ once he/she has a residence in Germany which he/she is living and it is registered. But, there are some conditions that need to be met (or, requirements to be met) before the applicant. These are the conditions or requirements for EU blue card for Germany
  1.  he/she should not be a national of EU countries,
  2.  he/she must have a higher educational qualification,
  3.  he/she must have a valid work contract (or, a job offer for a position) to work in the country (Germany in this case).
  4. It is also true that if the applicant does not have a job seeker in Germany or a work contract, to work in Germany he/she can still come to the country provided that he/she can support himself/herself which is proof of currently drawing at least a gross salary EUR 47,600.
  5.  In the case of professionals and/or practitioners of pure science disciplines, such as mathematicians, scientists, engineers, medical practitioners and IT experts, who want to come and work in Germany, a lower salary threshold is applicable to them which at present are approximately EUR 37,128.
  6. In these specific and special cases, the Federal Employment Agency’s approval is a necessity, but, a test as to if an applicant with equivalent qualifications and work experience is available on the German labour market is not necessary.
[caption id="attachment_2231" align="alignleft" width="300"]EU blue card requirements EU blue card[/caption] The residence permit (EU Blue card for Germany) is also issued for no longer than 4 years at a maximum, when first issued. If the contract is valid for less than four years, there is a rule which is an exception which holds that the residence permit will be issued for a period that is limited to the term of the employment contract and three months. As for family members, they can accompany the blue card holder (Germany EU Blue Card) and will also be granted residence permits, After 33 months of continuous stay, those who hold the Blue Card (Germany EU Blue Card) are provided with a Permanent Residency, if they can demonstrate that their language skills are at par with B1 level of the body which goes by the name, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). In those cases where language skills corresponding to B1 level are already present and have been certified, the settlement permit can be granted after just 21 months. For more updates follow us on Morevisas Twitter page.

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