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Different Types of Germany Visas to go Germany

Germany VisaHave you ever thought of going to Germany? If you have, it is best advised to arm yourself with loads of information if you either wish to work in Germany or stay in Germany. There are different types of Germany visas. The two basic types are mentioned below that would suit your needs and requirements.

  • Short-term (Schengen visa) - Schengen visa allows you to stay in Germany for a period of three months (90 days). You are permitted to visit 25 European countries falling under this visa category. However, you are not allowed to work during your stay of 3-months. If you wish the same, you need to apply for a Germany work permit.
  • Long-stay visa (Jobseeker’s visa) - Germany Jobseeker’s visa is valid for a period of six months. It includes four-different types of visas. Upon entry into Germany, your visa will be converted to a Resident Permit.

Do I Need a Visa to Work in Germany ?

A Germany work permit is of utmost importance if you plan to work in Germany. There are some exceptions to the above generalization:-

  • Citizens of the European Union
  • Nationals of Romania and Bulgaria
  • Citizens of Switzerland
  • Citizens of the European Economic Area

If you fall into any of the above categories and wish to extend your stay beyond 90 days, all you need to do is register your new address at the Residents’ Registration Office within three months of your arrival.

Citizens of all other countries need to apply for a national visa before they move to Germany. Apparently, getting your Germany visa involves a lot.

German Work Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens:

In order to get your Germany work visa from India, you need to keep the following in mind-

  • Your status as an employee must be at par with a local in Germany.
  • No German or for that matter, European national should be available to fill the position.
  • Employee must have a university degree or equivalent.
  • The German company employing you must be registered at the Labor Authorities in Germany and should apply for a Corporate Registration Number.

These are the basic visa rules for Germany which must be fulfilled in order for you to work in Germany and make your career a great success!

If you want to apply any type of Germany Visa, fil out our MoreVisas Enquiry form, so that one of our visa executive will get back to you soon.

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