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Find Work in Germany Under the Working (Employment) Visa

Germany Working (Employment) VisaGermany is one of the leading European nations which offer a lot of scope to improve the chances of having better employment opportunities. It enhances an individual’s all-round development while giving them an opportunity to contribute to Germany’s growing and stable economy. This country is best suited for immigrants who wish to migrate to Germany and obtain a residence permit. 

Germany Working (Employment) Visa:

Citizens of USA, EU, Republic of Korea, Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Israel and Switzerland are eligible to apply for Germany Working visa after their arrival to Germany. People belonging to all other countries can work in Germany by obtaining a work visa prior to entering Germany. Once the application receives approval, the German Embassy will issue a visa which will authorize you to work and live in Germany. 

Documents Required for Work Visa in Germany:

  • Two duly filled up application forms
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • A valid national passport
  • Employment contract or a letter of purpose stating the same from your future German employer
  • Photocopies of all related documents
  • Proof of residence in the form of utility bill or a driving license
  • Insurance
  • A total of 60 Euro as fee

Different Work Permits for Non-EU Nationals:

According to the new German immigration law of January 2005, there are three types of residence permits for work purpose. These are:-
  • General employment
  • Specialist professional
  • Self-employed
  1. General employment - If you are a foreign national, meeting the economic requirement of the German Republic and possess a vocational qualification along with proof of contract of employment, then you are eligible for this category. Apart from the general requirements for Germany work visa, you would need a residence permit.
  2. Specialist professional - In order to work and live in Germany under this category, you need to be a specialist professional who graduated with expertise and knowledge, a university teacher with outstanding career background or an experienced manager with a job offer and salary which should be minimum 86,400 Euros yearly. Additionally, you should be able to merge yourself with the German culture and society as well as have enough funds for your sustenance.
  3. Self-employed - A self employed business visa holder must fulfill the German needs by having a significant positive impact on the economy and your business must be covered by your own investment or loan from bank for which you should have a written confirmation.
How successful your business turns out to be will depend on its viability, your experience in the business, the amount you can invest in this country, impact of your start-up on employment opportunities and skills and finally, the contribution your business makes towards innovation and research.  You should be over 45 years with proof of adequate pension, should possess the initial capital amount and be able to provide a detailed outline about how your business meets the standards of this country. The self employed business visa holds a validity of three years, after which it can be extended indefinitely depending upon the success of your venture. If you are interested to work in Germany, fill out MoreVisas Enquiry form, then one of our visa excutive will get back to you.

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