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Germany EU Blue card

Germany is most popular European Nation with an 82 million population. Most of the people staying in Germany are non-Germans. German country provides various employment opportunities to the people. Many foreigners are eager to stay in Germany for the purpose of working. People those who have a desire to migrate from their countries to Germany on work permit should apply for Germany EU Blue Card.

What is Germany EU Blue card?

Germany EU Blue card is a type immigration card allotted to high-skilled non-EU citizens to work and reside in Germany. It is nothing but a working visa for foreigners to work in Germany based on their skills. This blue card came into existence from the1 August 2012 to Indians. Mostly experts and technical people are targeted, but it doesn’t mean that only technical people are capable to get a German EU Blue card.

Eligibility Criteria for EU Blue card:

Eligibility Criteria for EU Blue cardTo get the Germany EU Blue card for Germany the candidate should satisfy some of the eligibility criteria for Germany EU Blue card and requirements such as candidate must be a non-EU national i.e. he should be a foreigner, not a citizen of Europe. The candidate should have masters degree with 5 years of working experience, and an applicable employment contract consisting of a gross salary of minimum 47,600 Euros per annum. Professionals from various fields with skill shortages like IT, mathematics, doctors, scientists, engineers, should are eligible but not less than 37128 Euros per Annum. 

Application Process for Germany EU Blue Card:

If a candidate wants to work in Germany on the basis of Germany EU Blue Card then he/she must apply for a working visa at the particular embassy or consulate related to the place of residence. Once the working visa is approved by the embassy, Blue card will also get issued only if the applicant satisfies the above mentioned Germany EU Blue Card requirements

Features of EU Blue card:

For both work permit and residence permit foreigners should get Germany EU Blue Card. It is permitted for both the skilled and highly qualified non-EU Nationals. After the initial completion of the 2 years from the time the EU Blue card is issued, emigrant can migrate to any country by using this EU Blue Card agreement. Only after the completion of the 5 years the migrant can apply for the PR.  

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