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All you Need to Know About Hong Kong Quality Migration Admission Scheme
Posted on: 28 Mar 2016  |   Tags: Hong Kong , Hong Kong immigration , Hong Kong Visa ,

Hong Kong Quality MigrantHong Kong is among the finest place in the whole world to reside and work. Hong Kong is located in Southern coastal region of China. It is well known for its increased GDP, excellent infrastructure, better standard of living, increasing index of human development and fewer taxes. Large number of skilled individuals migrates to Hong Kong in search of a good job and better standard of living. Under the skilled migration policies of Hong Kong, an individual is granted entry into the country if they had got good qualification and work experience. Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is among the other schemes which have been started by Hong Kong in order to lure high skilled individuals. These skilled individuals are allowed to work in Hong Kong and after a period of time they are allowed to reside permanently in Hong Kong. Eligible candidates under this Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme are selected on the basis of age, language proficiency, educational qualification, character and financial requirement. The candidate also needs to go through two points based tests and they are as follows:

  • General points based test
  • Achievement based points test
Under the General Points based test, points are being awarded to the candidates based on their age, qualification, job experience, proficiency in language. Total points awarded under this test are 165 and the candidates’ needs to score at least 80 points to clear the test. To clear the Achievement based points test, the applicant requires to have excellent skills and talent, should have won awards, made any contribution in their field. Points are being awarded based on these terms. The maximum points which are awarded are 165 points.

Why Hong Kong

Hong Kong has got the best economy in the world; it is the leading centre for foreign trade and business. Its stock exchange is among the largest stock exchanges in the world, it has got the most traded currencies in the world. Its law offer increasing level of civil liberties. If you want to apply, please fill out our Enquiry Form, so that one of our visa expert will get back to you.

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