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Eligibility for Hong Kong Permanent Residency

eligibility-for-hong-kong-permanent-residencyHong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of the People’s Republic of China is generally termed as Hong Kong is an autonomous terittory and ranked as world’s fourth most densly populated state. The citizens of various countries are allowed to enter and stay in Hong Kong without any visa for a limited period depending on their country, Indian citizens are allowed to enter and stay in Hong Kong for 14 days without visa.

The Hong Kong has listed people into 6 categories who are eligible to enjoy the right of abode in Hong Kong.

  •  Any chinese citizen who has born in Hong Kong.
  • Any chinese citizen who has continuously resided in Hong Kong for at least seven years.
  • The chinese citizens born outside Hong Kong for the persons belonging to any one of the above two categories at the time of birth; these candidates are eligibility is considered if they hold a valid;
  1.  Travel document issued to him/her alongwith Certificate of Entitlement attached to it
  2. HKSAR passport
  3.  permanent identity card
  • Any foreigner other than Chinese citizen who has entered Hog with valid travel document and staying lawfully in Hong Kong for a minimum continuous period of seven years considering himself/herself as permanent resident of Hong Kong.
  •  Any foreign citizen born in Hong Kong whose parent/s is/are the permanent resident/s as per above category (4), these citizens must establish permanent residence status from any of the above categories.
  • Any citizen who is permitted only to be the permanent resident of Hong Kong before the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

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