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Filling Application for Hong Kong QMAS ? What You Need to Know ?

Hong Kong QMASImmigration to Hong Kong from India is the great option for any individual to brighten their chances of availing a successful career. Hong Kong Immigration from India is possible through a special scheme entitled as Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS). 

Immigration to Hong Kong from India:

Immigrating to Hong Kong exposes you to multi-cultural environment where you can learn lots of things that help you to undergo a unique travelling experience. Hong Kong emerged to be a successful economy, which is driving the world with respect to business and trade sectors. Hong Kong Immigration from India is mostly chosen by travelers who wish to experience lovely weather, soaring skyscrapers, delicious food and many tourist attractions. In addition to this, the country aims to attract skilled professionals who aspire to settle in Hong Kong. To facilitate such talented professionals, Hong Kong QMAS has been designed by the Hong Kong immigration government. Here, you can find complete information about Hong Kong QMAS and its requirements. 

Hong Kong QMAS for Indians:

Hong Kong QMAS is a quota-based entrant scheme that is designed to entice highly skilled professionals to the country. A job offer is not required for successful applicants to Migrate to Hong Kong from India. Moreover, they can bring their dependent family members such as their spouse and minor dependent children given satisfying the condition of meeting their expenses while they stay in the country.

Hong Kong QMAS Requirements:

Applicants who are filing application for Hong Kong QMAS from India need to satisfy certain requirements which include:
  • Age must be below 18 at the time of filing application for Hong Kong QMAS
  • Financial sufficiency
  • Should be admissible with regards to criminal or immigration record. 
  • Should be able to read and write either Putonghua or Cantonese (Chinese) or English. 
  • Hong Kong QMAS applicants should have basic educational qualifications
  • Must qualify in any one of Hong Kong QMAS points based tests- the General Points Test and Achievement-based Points Test.    
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