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How to Immigrate to Hong KongHong Kong has recently emerged and come to the forefront as one of the leading immigration destinations in the world. People flock here in great counts to study in some of the best colleges and universities of Hong Kong or in order to find and engage in better employment opportunities which can fetch them good salaries. They can find a better livelihood and a higher standard of living if they immigrate to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Immigration:

More and more number of immigrants are coming here every year because this country offers a lot of advantages to its people living here. Some of these benefits are low tax rates, one can easily attain the residency of this country, has a flourishing democracy with a balanced, legal society, free education for children of migrants and many other factors. Immigration to Hong Kong will result in an immigrant enjoying all the above benefits and much more.

Hong Kong Visa Requirements:

In order to apply for Hong Kong visa, an applicant must meet certain requirements which are an essential part of the procedure of Hong Kong visa. These are given briefly given below:-

  • The applicant should be self sufficient and must have enough funds 
  • Should not have any offensive or criminal background
  • Should be proficient in the English language. Knowledge of the Chinese language would be an added benefit.
  • The individual should be able to secure 80 out of 165 points in the points based test under the General Points Based System
  • Must be possessing a technical degree or qualification

General Points Based System for Hong Kong Immigration:

Certain criteria like age, educational qualification, work experience, language competency and family background are taken into consideration while assessing an applicant under the General Points Based System. Out of 165 points, one must score a minimum of 80. These factors are:-

  • Age- Maximum of 30 points 
  • Educational qualifications- Can score up to 45 points
  • Work experience- Total 50 points can be obtained in this category
  • Language competency- 20 points
  • Family background- Again, 20 points

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