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Hong Kong Immigration:

Hong Kong ImmigrationMany individuals seek to migrate to Hong Kong because of the economic opportunities, standards of living, etc. that it offers. Hong Kong encourages immigration and seeks those individuals who are skilled, talented, etc. and who can contribute to its economy, and in other important areas. The city-state’s immigration program goes by the name ‘QMAS’ which is a short form for ‘Quality Migrant Admission Scheme’.

Hong Kong Points based System:

According to this scheme, an individual applicant must meet a set of eligibility criteria, the ‘prerequisites’ and score well on either of two ‘Hong Kong points based tests’, the ‘General Points Test’ or ‘Achievement-based Points Test’. There is a minimum number of points set as the ‘passing mark’. The ‘prerequisites’ which all applicants must satisfy are the following: ‘age’, ‘financial requirements’, ‘good character’, ‘language proficiency’ and ‘basic educational qualification’. The individual applicant if he/she has met/passed the requirement of ‘prerequisites’ has to pass either of the Hong Kong points based tests, the ‘General Points Test’ or the ‘Achievement-based Test ’.

Hong Kong Points calculator:

Hong Kong Points based SystemIn the ‘General Points Test’, there are different factors which are given or awarded points. Thus, there are different factors and these include ‘age’, ‘academic/professional qualifications’, ‘work experience’, ‘language proficiency’ and ‘family background’. Each factor carries with it ‘points’ which are awarded to an individual applicant depending upon how well he/she has met the specific requirement therein, etc. Thus for example, an applicant can get a maximum total of 30 points for the ‘age’ factor. Thus, if the applicant is young and aged between 18 years and 39 years, he/she can possibly receive a maximum of 30 points. And, if he/she is between 40 years and 44 years of age, he/she can possibly receive a maximum of 20 points on so on. Thus, the younger the applicant is, the more points he/she receives. As for academic/professional qualifications, if the applicant has two or more doctoral degrees, he/she receives 45 points. Thus, the higher the educational qualification of the applicant, the more points he/she can possibly get for this factor. In this way, each of the factors assesses an applicant Hong Kong points based on the factor and some criteria, and awards ‘points’ to each factor. And, an applicant who has received the prevailing pass mark is said to have ‘passed’ the test. But, this does not automatically entitle an applicant to get the ‘Hong Kong migrant’ status. The final decision regarding this is actually done on the basis of a ‘quota’ and selection done by an assessing and advisory committee headed by a Director. This committee then makes the final decision.

Achievement-based Test

In the ‘achievement-based’ points test, only exceptionally talented individuals who have performed and have won laurels for their contributions or performance are considered for selection. Thus, under this scheme, ‘Olympic medal winners’ and ‘Nobel prize’ winners and similar such individuals are considered for awarding the ‘migrant status’ of Hong Kong. For more information, please fill our Quick Enquiry form, then one of our Immigration consultant will get back to you. Also follow us on at More Visas Facebook Official Page.

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