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Hong Kong Immigration:

hongkong-work-permit-visaHong Kong is a city-state located on China's south coast and is surrounded by the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea. The city is a leading trading and investment center because of its location, system of government and some other major advantages. Hong Kong Immigration attracts many people from abroad including students, visitors, workers, businessmen, investors, etc. Hong Kong is an attractive destination for workers who want work in many of its hi-tech companies, as well as its leading financial companies and MNCs, so everyone loves Hong Kong Immigration.

Hong Kong work permit application:

Hong Kong work permit application has different schemes of (or, rather categories of) applicant workers/professionals (the ‘IANG’, GEP and SMTP) Hong Kong work permit application has a detailed scheme for ushering in workers under its alien worker program. Thus, in fact there is a group of three schemes under which a prospective worker or applicant may apply. The different schemes are: a) Individuals who are/were non-local students and have received undergraduate degree or higher qualification in a full-time and locally accredited local programme may stay/return and apply to work under the ‘Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates’ (referred to as ‘IANG’). b) Individuals who are not non-local graduates but have special and specialized skills, knowledge and/or experience which is of value to and which is not easily obtainable in the HKSAR may apply to arrive and work under the General Employment Policy (hereafter ‘GEP’). c) Individuals who are Chinese residents of the mainland, but who are not non-local graduates but have special skills, knowledge and experience may seek to apply enter Hong Kong work permit under the ‘SMTP’ (Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals).

Hong Kong work permit requirements:

Hong-Kong-work-permit-requirementsAll of these above schemes/programs are quota-free (i.e. there is no upper limit) and non-sector specific. And so, applicants can belong to any of the occupations, even the arts, cultural fields, etc. Hong Kong work permit visa requirements, eligibility conditions, application procedures of each of these above types/categories of applicants are similar and/but different in some respects. Thus, for an individual applicant who falls in the category of IANG, separate Hong Kong work permit requirements and conditions apply as compared to the other categories of applicants. All Hong Kong work permit requirements will be highlighted and elaborated upon separately. Know more about Hong Kong Immigration by filling this Quick Enquiry form then one of our Immigration consultant will get back to you. Or follow us on MoreVisas Facebook Page for more updates.

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