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student visa   Hong Kong is an advanced region and province which has its own administration, HKSAR (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region). It has an advanced economy, educational system, etc. The rules, regulations etc. governing entry as a student  for Hong Kong Student Visa into HKSAR are classified and determined depending upon the level, type, etc. of education sought by a student applicant.

Hong Kong student visa process:

Hong Kong student visa process pursue studies in Hong Kong,  an applicant should at first complete and have two forms: ID 995A and also ID 995B.

Hong Kong student visa application:

student visa applicationThe applications forms for Hong Kong student visa are available for free from a number of official sources and these include immigration department offices, branch offices of the immigration department, Chinese and consular and diplomatic offices abroad and more such governmental offices. A student applicant of Hong Kong student visa also needs to have a sponsor who can be one of the following: educational institution where the applicant is going to study or an individual. If the sponsor happens to be a person, he/she must meet some requirements (such as being above 18 years of age, etc.).

Hong Kong student visa requirements:

student visa requirements   The applicant must also submit all the supporting documentation required such as application for entry for Hong Kong student visa, applicant’s recent photograph, a letter of acceptance from the educational institution, photocopy of evidence of the applicant's or sponsor’s financial strength, in the form of bank statements, savings account papers or documentation, etc.

Hong Kong student visa processing time:

Once all of these documents and documentation are submitted, up to six weeks are required to process a study visa/entry permit, upon receipt of all the required documents as a part of Hong Kong student visa process.

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