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A professionally resembling resume that distinctly details your talents and experience will represent an important part in both or not, you make that through the stage of the interview. Ideally your CV will be between 2-3 pages lengthy and cover the subsequent sections: [caption id="attachment_1724" align="alignright" width="160"]Hong Kong Hong Kong[/caption]

  • Personal details
  • Education and Qualifications
  • Key Skills
  • Profession History
  • Hobbies & Interests
  • References
Content Tips:
  1. Utilize a simple program such as Word.
  2. Your application should reflect your unusual accomplishments, your distinct combination of skills, expertise and experience.
  3. Ensure there is lots of white space making it effortless for the reader to scan the page. Utilize a regular font size that is comfortable to read on screen such as Arial 10 point and keep it simplistic.
  4. Customize your resume for every job by concentrating on previous experience or skills that are individually relevant to the advertised  position. This can cover using related terminology in your resume to whatever is used in the ad
  5. If using a personal Email Id in the personal details part, confirm that it is of a professional nature.
  6. When preparing your professional history, begin with your prevailing role and make sure you include organization names, professions held and main responsibilities.
  7. Ensure that whether you defined specific facts. Do not neglect unexplained gaps in your professional experience column.
  8. If you have taken the chance to travel for 6 months, this should be mentioned clearly on your resume.
  9. When listing your professional history makes sure you provide the details of months as well as years. E.g: Do not list only 2009-2012 but  mention it as Mar' 2009- Jan' 2012.
  10. Employers now often make up their mind about an applicant specifically based on key skills domain. So make sure you use time       developing this part.
  11. Your resume should be an authentic idea of your abilities and expertise. If you don’t possess the appropriate skills mentioned in the posting, then do not apply for that particular job.
  12. Include contact details of at least two referees. One of these two should be from your previous employer. If you are a newly qualified graduate, then you should place your lecturer's contact number as a reference.
  13. Ensure the spellings and proof read your resume completely before submitting it to each role. One small typing error can probably destroy  your application.
  14. The more graphics or design elements you include in your resume, the most likely the recipient will have difficulty accessing or printing it.
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