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Work Visa of Hong Kong - Administrative Region:

Hong Kong is an economically advanced, dynamic city-state situated in South China. It comprises a free, peaceful and open society, whose law and order, etc is good. Its economy is free-market driven, and it is also a trading hub. Many professionals are attracted to reside in that country because of the opportunities, etc. available there. Hong Kong region is a specially administered region which has a lot of autonomy from China and it is called as (or, also goes by the name of) the HKSAR (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region).

Work Visa of Hong Kong:

Hong Kong Work VisaApplicants for Hong Kong work visas who wish to work in Hong Kong are classified or categorized into different types. Thus, those students who are non-locals but have obtained a basic, undergraduate degree from one of the institutes/institutions and which degree is a full-time one and is locally accredited may opt to apply under the IANG program. Under this program (IANG), the applicants for the work visa of Hong Kong may continue to live or return to work in Hong Kong. Those among the applicants who have not passed out of a Hong Kong college but have specialized skills, work experience, etc. which are in short supply in the province and of value to it can also apply. The program under which they can apply for the ‘work visa of Hong Kong’ is called as the GEP i.e. the General Employment Policy. It is to be noted that this program i.e. the GEP is not for residents of mainland China, for whom a separate program is applicable. Those who are degree holders from mainland China and are also not non-local graduates and who have specialized skills, expertise, work experience, etc. all of which are in short supply in the province can avail of another type of programme for the ‘work visa of Hong Kong’, exclusively meant for them, which is called by the name ‘ASMTP’ (or, Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals). Process of Hong Kong Work Visa All of these above indicated programs, viz. ASMTP, GEP and IANG for work visa of Hong Kong come without quotas and are also not sector-based. Thus, these programs are applicable not only to those in the regular professions and occupations but are also meant to attract talented persons and experts in fields such as sports, culture, arts, etc. and even experts in the cooking field. The main objective of these programs would thus be to attract great talent and expertise from all over the world to Hong Kong and transform it into a world-class city. For all of these above categories of workers, there are different and separate eligibility criteria, application procedures, application forms, supporting documentation requirements, etc., other requirements to be eligible to work (i.e. to obtain work visa of Hong Kong) in Hong Kong. The time required to process the applications also varies from category to category. The granting of the work visa of Hong Kong or work permit of Hong Kong is also solely at the discretion of the Immigration department.

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