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Visit or Transit Visa Hong Kong is Asia’s world city and has plenty to offer visitors, whether it’s a business visit or for pleasure. Take a look at the Hong Kong’s Tourist Board Website and discover Hong Kong. Here you will discover the cosmopolitan lifestyle, cultural diversity and sophistication. There is also natural un-spoilt parklands and spectacular scenery. [caption id="attachment_1128" align="alignright" width="300"]Hong-Kong-Immigration-Visa Hong-Kong[/caption] Why not take one of the many tours to see the great sites. From world record light and sound shows to The Giant Buddha: the largest worlds tallest outside seated bronzed Buddha. There are also plenty of great waterfronts and wave lapping bays for tourists and locals to enjoy also. The visitor’s visa, which can be used for leisure or business, is considered under a range of criteria such as:

  • Funds to cover the duration of the visit
  • The application is done in good faith
  • Transit applicants have an onward ticket
Not all visitors need a visa and you can stay from 7 to 180 days in Hong Kong. You will need to check this information prior to arriving in Hong Kong. Immigration & Customs Be prepared for a smooth entry into Hong Kong and for those who are looking for Hong Kong immigration visas and Hong Kong immigration forms, then you will find all the information you require on the official website from the Hong Kong Government. The Hong Kong Immigration Points system is also available, along with details on the point system. Special Administrative Region Travel Pass For those who are looking to invest in Hong Kong business can apply for a Special Administrative Region Travel Pass. Here Immigration processes have been simplified for those who frequently travel into Hong Kong on Business. There are eligibility criteria to meet the needs of this and this information is available from the Hong Kong immigration department. Everyone visiting Hong Kong is required to go through customs clearance and declare anything that exceeds the duty free quote. You can learn more about the quota on the immigration and customs website. Hong Kong Tourist Board A dedicated phone line is available for tourists on +852 2508 1234 from 9am to 6 pm daily. There is also a website available at discover hongkong where full information is available. Her you can also find address of the local Hong Kong Visitors Centre, download maps and find information on events and attractions. https://www.morevisas.com/hong-kong-immigration/move-to-hong-kong/
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