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Application Process of Hong Kong QMAS
Posted on: 08 Mar 2014  |   Tags: Hong Kong QMAS ,

[caption id="attachment_2203" align="alignleft" width="243"]Hong Kong QMAS Hong Kong QMAS[/caption] Under the criterion of ‘character’, the Hong Kong QMAS seeks for absence of any criminal record in Hong Kong, or elsewhere, including immigration-related transgressions. The applicant must also have proficiency in Chinese or English, and his/her basic educational qualification should be a basic degree from a ‘recognized university’, or even a tertiary educational institution.   Selection Process of Hong Kong QMAS (Quality Migrant Admission Scheme): And, as for the as the two types of ‘selection tests’ are concerned, these are i) a points-based test and an ii) achievement-based test. Under the points-based test, points are awarded for ‘age’ (a maximum of 30 points), ‘academic/professional qualifications’ (a maximum of 40 points), work experience (a maximum of 50 points), language proficiency (a maximum of 20 points) and family background (a maximum of 20 points). Each applicant must secure a minimum passing mark of 80 points under the points-based test. Under this test, once an applicant gets the minimum pass mark, he/she is also subject to and must compete in a small quota set periodically by the immigration department and succeed against the rest of the applicants. As for the achievements-based test, this scheme is basically for highly talented people such as recipients of Nobel prizes or Olympic gold medals. [caption id="attachment_2204" align="alignright" width="240"]Process of Hong Kong QMAS Process of Hong Kong QMAS[/caption] The selection of applicants from the applicant pool is done by the Director of Immigration, based on the recommendations of a special committee, on a regular basis based on the availability of quotas at any point of time. The Advisory Committee itself is constituted by the Chief Executive of the HKSAR and comprises of both official and non-official members. Once selected by the director of immigration and the advisory committee, a few more procedures, are required to be put in place, as for as the applicants are concerned, such as the issuance of ‘Approval-in-principle’ letter and finally the issuance of the ‘entry permit/entry visa’. Then and thus, the successful applicant is ready to move to Hong Kong and begin a new, exciting and fulfilling life there. For More Updates about Immigration Follow us on MoreVisas Facebook Page

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