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How to get US H1B visa?

US H1B visa:

US H1B visa application processThe US H1B visa is the primary method opted by US employers to employ international professionals to work in the country. The US H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa which allows US employers to recruit foreign professionals who can work for a maximum period of six years. To be hired by the US employers, a foreign worker must have either theoretical or technical knowledge in specific streams which include engineering, science, medicine, mathematics and architecture.

US H1B visa application process

H1B is preferable by the employees because it is a “dual intent" visa which means the visa holder will be able to become a green card holder while in the US. As the US H1B visa application process of H1B visa is faster than applying for US Green Card, most of the US companies choose H1B visa to bring foreign workers for a long term basis. At present, a total of 85,000 new H-1B visas are made available for each government fiscal year out of which a total of 65,000 H1B visas are issued for foreign workers in specialty occupations positions and the rest 20,000 visas are made available for those individuals who hold higher degree from US colleges.

US H1B visa eligibility

US H1B visa-eligibility
  • US H1B visa eligibility and key requirements to be fulfilled to apply for a H1B visa are as follows:
  • An employer-employee relationship is needed with the petitioning US employer.
  • The employment need to qualify as a specialty occupation.
  • Job should also be related to the applicant’s field of study.
  • Pay should either be actual or prevailing wage for the occupation.
Those who hold US H1B visas can bring their partner and dependent children under the age of 21 under H4 Visa category. The H4 visa holder can stay in the country till the visa period of H1B holder expires. The H4 visa holders are not permitted to work but they can attend school, acquire a driver’s license and can open a bank account in the country. For more Information about this Visa please fill out MoreVisas Enquiry form, and you can follow us @ FacebookTwitterGoogle+.

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