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Just know how good is your passport?
Posted on: 08 Oct 2013  |   Tags: Passport , Travel ,

Passports fall among the most important documents that you can find and it also serves as the means of taking you from your own land to a foreign land. It serves as your proof of identity and represents you in the outside world so that you do not prove to be an alien but a properly managed, equipped and responsible citizen. So, if you have a passport then it is important for you to know about what services it provides to you apart from the basic one, and to know this you must know about the essential and additional advantages that a perfect passport can give you. To know about the advantages you can visit our online website and go through them for elaborate details about the passport advantages and how they can benefit you more.

Just know how good is your passport?The UAE has certified and raised the names of few of the countries because the passports of these countries make your travelling to different places much easier than other country passports. The UAE has now reached the 56th rank in terms of passport holders who are able to travel freely to 72 different countries all together. Kuwait is in a higher position of Gulf States as it has 77 countries for easy travelling and helps the crowd more.

These countries are followed by Qatar in the 57th position which enables 71 countries easy travelling, followed by Bahrain at the 59th position with 69 countries that are visa free, again followed by Saudi Arabia at the 64th position and 64 visa free places. The next one is Oman in the 65th position and it has about 63 countries that are visa free and helps in your easy travel. In the Arab world, the Gulf States have settled for the high ranks in terms of provision of a visa free travel.

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