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When' we plan to join some overseas job then we will get to learn that there are 2 typical words, the first one is "Work Permit" and the second one is "green card". It is important for you learn about these two phrases in case you are willing to be the part of international employment with some overseas countries. [caption id="attachment_1251" align="alignright" width="300"]Man with Work Visa Man with Green Card[/caption] Some important points to know about work permit: It is on Temporary nature and totally dependent on the willingness of overseas employer. For this you need to make investment which amounts to Rs.100000 to Rs.300000. The eligibility criteria are subjective. The duration to get the work permit is unpredictable. Work permit only facilitate the process of getting overseas job it's not a confirmation. The job received based on work permit is of temporary nature. The employer remains unknown in such jobs. The candidate is bound to work only for the specific employer. Candidates will need to return back to own country India in case of termination from job. Candidate need to work under same job description. It may happen that candidate will not be allowed to take their family with them. If family wants to join the candidate then they need to prepare the Visa under own initiative. Some important points to know about green card: It is a visa which is independent and permanent one. Investment required for green card ranges from Rs.100000 to Rs.200000. You will get chance to join overseas company on your eligibility. Within stipulated time you will get your get green card from the date of your application. Application for green card means making application to the government of the respective country. Green card gives the guarantee entry in the overseas country as well as permanent employment with some reputed overseas company and allows taking the family along with them.

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