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Working in New Zealand
Posted on: 04 Sep 2013  |   Tags: New Zealand Immigration , sponsored visa , work visas ,

In New Zealand, you will find many opportunities for specialist positions in skilled environments in arenas such as the medical industry, science and engineering. However, if you are not a doctor or scientist, do not despair, as there are more general skills which can lead to you being offered a visa to work in New Zealand. New Zealand Immigration There are a fair few key areas of work in New Zealand, which are in need of key workers. If you have the required skill sets, it is a good idea to get in touch with employers to find your chosen career in New Zealand as you could get a sponsored visa with a job offer, which would be a good way to immigrate into New Zealand. At the moment, there are gaps in healthcare, education, IT, Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Tourism and Hospitality, and many more areas, such as construction, engineering and business and finance. The New Zealand Government has identified many other arenas where there is a shortage of skilled workers in New Zealand, and they have identified the need to recruit from abroad to fill these shortages. If you possess one of these skill sets, it may make getting a work or residence visa easier for you then in another country. There is a full set of skills shortages on the New Zealand Immigration website. However, if your skillset is not a shortage list, you should not give up, as there are other ways to work in New Zealand, and one of the other ways may suit you better. Why not set up or buy a business in New Zealand.  The society in New Zealand is stable and good place to set up or buy a business, the economy is also not as regulated so there is less red tape to set up or to buy an existing business and this can take a matter of days to complete.  There are many different visas for work and residence in New Zealand by setting up or buying into a business, and the Immigration website will help you find the best option for you.  Along with Hong Kong and Singapore, it is one of the easiest places to do business in the world. Add that to beautiful scenery and a relaxed lifestyle and you’ll find setting up a business in New Zealand could be the start of a successful brand new life for you.

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