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Study Work in Ireland

'I am of Ireland,

And the Holy Land of Ireland,

And time runs on,' cried she.

'Come out of charity,

Come dance with me in Ireland.'

-William B Yeats Unleash the poet in you at the exotic land that shares boundaries with Irish waters and Scotland, for the land we talk of had given renowned poets such as Oscar Wilde, WB Yeats and George William Russell to the world. The beauty of Ireland was long before penned by poets many. So, nothing else you would enquire about the charm of this country as the four lines above narrates how holy is Ireland.  For centuries that went into history, Ireland witnessed sea of tourists who fell in love with the peace here and made Ireland their home for rest of their lives. If you too have a dream to live in Ireland but struck with studies and work obligations then please be informed that Ireland has opportunities many to study and live. Ireland immigration is simple and lovely, just read on to find out documents required for Irish visa application.

Ireland Immigration:

From emigration to immigration, Ireland hogged the limelight of many as unemployment rate in Ireland is less than 10%. The employment opportunities here make it a best place to reside without any signs of sigh. You can now come here on Ireland student visa and even apply for work permit to make your ends meet.

Irish Student Visa:

The student visa in Ireland is referred to as Irish student visa. You need to enroll into a graduate  degree program at any of the Ireland universities. Irish student visa must be applied online. A student who enters Ireland can get work permit. However, the course that you have enrolled into must be of one-year duration and a full time course. Once you land in Ireland, you can approach a visa consultancy, who can file for work permit on your behalf.

Student visas:

There are two types of student visas of Ireland. One is for higher education program and the other one for English and non-degree courses.  Students who are enrolled into full time higher education are only eligible for work permit. The documents, however, for the two types of Irish visas are the same.

Documents required for Irish student visa:

You need to have the following documents if you want to immigrate to Ireland on Irish student visa.
  • Admission letter from the college (typically called as acceptance letter)
  • Fee receipt confirming that you have paid the tuition fee 
  • Required medical insurance
  • An amount of €3,000 towards visa registration
Processing Irish visa needs expertise hand. Don’t take things for granted and then keep your fingers crossed. Approach a right visa consultancy today to process your Irish student visa. To know more dteails about Irish student visa please fill out our MoreVisas Enquiry Form, you can Follow us @ Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

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