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Get to know About Different Types of Ireland Visas
Posted on: 27 Oct 2015  |   Tags: Immigration , Ireland Visa , Visa , Visa Types ,

types Ireland VisasAre you moving to Ireland? Overseas people need an Ireland visa prior to arriving in the country. There's a lively, global flavor working in Ireland. Are you planning to move your family or business to this country, then this is the right choice where you will find all the necessary information you need for your move, from finding a home to arranging healthcare?

An Ireland visa is a permit placed on your passport or travel document to indicate that you are approved to enter the country. This country is slowing changing from being a nation of emigration to the nation of immigration. The majority of the workforces are overseas born and the redundancy rate is also very low. Overseas workers from many nation states who desire to live and work in this country are required to apply for this visa in order to get admission into the nation. 

The overseas nationals required to containing the work visas in order to work in this nation. This work visa system was initiated in the year 2000 for hiring the international workers. But in recent times, there were some changes made to this system the main plan behind these changes is to uncover tremendous skills which are vital for the progress of the nation’s economy.

Types of visas: 

Based on your reason of your visit and duration of stay there are few types of Ireland visas

  • Short stay visas
  • Long stay visas
  • Transit visas
  • Re-entry visas

Short Stay Visas: If you wish to take a trip to Ireland for less than 3 months then you can apply for a short stay ‘C’ visa. Under this type of visa, you can apply for a single entry or a multiple entry short stay. Under this visa, you can visit the country for a vacation, or to visit family or friends or to pursue some short term courses or for a small business conference.

Long Stay Visas: If you wish to take a trip to this country beyond the 3 months, in order to follow a course of study, or for work or to settle permanently with family members who are already the residents of that country. Then you can apply for a long stay ‘D’ visa. Prior to making an application for a long stay ‘D’ visa please confirm that you are knowledgeable with the immigration understandings that apply to persons looking to come to Ireland for more than 3 months, either to work or to study or to become permanent residents of the country. 

Once you are issued a long stay ‘D’ visa and you desire to stay behind in the country for more than 3 months, or more than that for this you will be required to enroll and gain a residence permit. 

Transit Visas: Natives from small nations require a transit visa to arrive Ireland on their way to another country. This visa does not allow you to leave the port or airport. If you want to enter the country you will require a valid Ireland transit visa.

Re-entry Visas: The initial visa granted to you is applicable for single entry into the country if you want to leave the country for a short time then you needs to apply for his re-entry visa. 

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