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The Potential of an Irish Passport
Posted on: 28 Jul 2016  |   Tags: Ireland Temporary Visa , Ireland Work Visa ,

The potential of an Irish PassportAn Irish visa grants unrestricted rights to potential immigrants, to work and lead a happy life in Ireland. It is part of the European Union; this further allows permanent residents to travel to 27 other EU nations which are part of the Union.

If you have lived in any European country for a stipulated time, you can avail healthcare, pension rights, and unemployment compensation after moving to Ireland. Obtaining an Irish visa is easy, but it takes much longer to become a citizen of Ireland.

Although it sounds awkward, you can quickly become an Irish national if you marry an Irish citizen! , The easiest way to go!!! However, you should have been married to an Irish national for a period of three years and lived in Ireland for at least one continuous year… or must have resided in Ireland for at least two years in the last four years.

To apply for permanent residency in Ireland, you must have resided in Ireland for five years. And during lodging an application, your age should have been over 18 without any criminal background.

If you are seriously planning to settle in Ireland, there are numerous opportunities for skilled individuals. Its IT sector is robust and expanding rapidly; it requires massive global workforce to work in its industries. For international students, research options are extensive; qualified students can join fully funded PHD courses offered by Ireland Universities.

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