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What are the Online Job Search Strategies?
Posted on: 10 Oct 2013  |   Tags: job search strategies , job vacancies , online jobs ,

Online Job Search StrategiesEarlier, in the 90s when online job portals first made their mark, the job pool was quite small and as a result, chances of people finding a job that suited them were remote. However, today, a search for job on any of the major search engines like Yahoo or Google will yield millions of results in a few seconds. This proves that online job search strategies have really exploded and that there is a great demand for, and acceptance of, the concept of searching for jobs online. But this explosion of choices comes with its own pitfalls.

We tend to get lost in the maze of job portals, and navigating them to find the correct job or the appropriate site is a task that requires some strategizing.

The advantage with online job searches is that you can narrow your search according to location, educational qualification, professional training and so on without having to move from your bedroom. But even with these basic factors, there is always a scope for improvement. As a result, most of the good job engines have started incorporating features like intent driven searches, new clustering modules and so on. These are the various strategies they use to attract clientele and ensure that the process of job hunting becomes more and more easy.

Vertical searches have become very popular with most of the online job search engines. The technique used is known as meta search, and allows the user to get search results across multiple search engines. This increases choice and reduces the hassle of browsing separately for the suitable job. The limitation of job boards is covered in this process, since each job board has only a finite number of listings. This is a new direction in the field of online job searches that has been widely accepted.

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