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[caption id="attachment_2033" align="alignright" width="300"]Happy Makar Sankranthi Happy Makar Sankranthi[/caption] It is  the only Indian festival which falls on the same day every year 14th  January. Know as most auspicious festival for Hindu’s  during the harvesting season where Sun moves to northern hemisphere it is celebrated with great devotion ,enthusiasm and fun. Bhogi is celebrated one day ahead 13th January  where people light bonfire at dawn with logs and wood and discard old  furniture etc in the fire . As this festival demonstrates tradition and culture girls decorate their home with huge rangolis with chalk, flowers, and sparkle colors. Sankranti is celebrated differently in each region of India based on their cultural background .Huge illegal betting are famous during these days on  Bull fighting in Tamil Nadu, cock fights in Andhra, or Elephant Mela in Kerala. It is tradition to fly  Kites on this day and feast on different varieties food . As The Sun itself starts to move to Tropic of Capricorn from Tropic of Cancer  Morevisas wishes you a Very Happy Sankranti and encourages you to plan a colorful life with immigration .With a team of dedicated consultants  Morevisas can help and guide to move to your dream destination through immigration, work, study. As a one stop destination for Immigration Morevisas welcome you to Uttarayana.

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