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Tourist Visa for UK Makes Your Trip Delightful
Posted on: 16 Sep 2015  |   Tags: tourist visa , Travel Visa , uk , UK Visa , Visitor Visa ,

Tourist Visa for UKVisitors who want to visit the UK are generally granted with UK visitor visas. These visas are valid for six months and can be used for a single or multiple entries. Depending upon the condition and purpose of your travel the entries are decided. Single entry means you can enter the country only once whereas multiple entries allow the visa holder to travel in and out of the country multiple times during the validity period. It’s always the best to mention your number of visits prior to applying the visa. 

The tourist visa for UK is the most popular visa for the international visitors coming to the country for visiting family, tourism or for any business purposes. The government of UK has implemented new rules in order to reform the specific types of the visitor visa. These changes were made to make sure them that the county will provide all the facilities they require during their stay in the country. 

Different Categories in the Visitor Visas:

  • General visitor visa: This visa is allotted to the visitors who want to travel to the country for visiting their family members, friends or on tourism. These visitors should not be the permanent residents or members of Britain. 
  • Family visitor visa: This visa is allotted for the visitors who want to travel to this country to meet their close relations and who are the permanent citizens of the country.
  • Business visitor visa: This visa is for those who want to attend any business conferences, meeting or any trade fair in this country. 

The Principle Requirements:

There are some requirements necessary to be fulfilled by the visitors for admission into the UK

  • Need to take the visa for only six months as a visitor.
  • Need to leave the country soon after completion of their visit. 
  • Need not sell or produce any type of goods or services to the public of their nation.
  • Should not involve in any type of paid or unpaid employment.
  • hould not pursue any type of study in any type of schools. 
  • Need to show the proof of funds that can support your stay in the country. 

Processing Time: 

Generally, the processing time for granting the tourist visa for UK is 15 days to 1 month. Prior to this, the candidates need to submit all the necessary documents that support their reason for traveling to the UK. 

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