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Travel Top Tourist Attractions in UK by Visitor Visa

Top Tourist Attractions in UKWith adventure tourism taking backseat pushing ahead the heritage tourism at the forefront, the Great Britain is certainly becoming one of the most sought after destinations, for United Kingdom comes with a complete package of world’s best historical must visit places.

Top Most Tourist Attractions in UK:

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1. Stonehenge:

Leaving no traces of written records, Stonehenge’s history is till date a big mystery. Located about two miles to north of Salisbury, this ancient prehistoric site consists of standing stones. Archeologists believe that this site was built somewhere around 2200 BC. Given the mystery surrounding this site, many tourists throng Stonehenge. How about posing in front of these strange structures for your Facebook profile pic?

2. Windsor Castle:

Your visit to UK will be incomplete if you don’t gorge your eyes on the magnificently built Windsor Castle, the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II. Constructed in 11th century, this castle survived English civil war.

3. York Minster:

The seat of Archbishop of York, York Minster is one of the largest cathedrals in the United Kingdom that sprawled across 173 yards. It stands at a height of 102 feet and has two towers.

4. Durham Cathedral:

Known for its setting, Durham Cathedral was voted as the best-loved structure/building in England. It was built in 1093 and since then many people have been thronging this place.

The other top attractions of England include Cotswolds, Lake district, Big Ben, Warwick Castle, Tower of London and Hadrian’s Wall.

UK Visitor Visa from India:

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