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New Zealand Faces Shortage of Skilled Professionals, Says a Study

New-Zealand-faces-shortage-of-skilled-professionalsThe business growth in New Zealand faces a challenge owing to the shortage of talented professionals. It needs to hire more International Workers, as per a new report. Additionally, IT is a sector that has been seriously affected.

The business houses will be hit hard in fulfilling their potential in case the talented and professional workers from across the world are not recruited.

Experts feel that the IT sector has not been able to attract the best and capable talent. It was also suggested that attracting New Zealand expatriates can be a better solution to meet this huge challenge.

The Annual Salary Survey explains that employees feel privileged because 80 percent of them are happy regarding the variety of opportunities available in the year, within the country, as the economy is flourishing and the government has undertaken massive project initiatives.

The feedback received from employers, after they had engaged with them daily revealed that the scarcity of talents keeps increasing. It is combined with the intention of the government to restrict immigration, and the overall situation for the businesses is not optimistic.

New Zealand will have to opt for a change in its policy if it wants to attract its expatriates to return to their homeland. New Zealand has a nice lifestyle which needs to be effectively marketed and salaries should be equal or more than those offered by other developed nations.

It is also felt that the repercussions of Brexit, and the present political climate, in the United States, both make New Zealand an attractive option for these expatriates. This would also immensely help in meeting the heavy requirement of Skilled Workers in the country.

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