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Immigration population in Auckland and New Zealand

Two thirds of New Zealand’s immigrant population have made their home in Auckland. This is mainly due to the fact that first time immigrants want to be close to their friends and relations in the new country. Many of the immigrants buy a home in Auckland after staying in New Zealand for some months. This unique aspect of New Zealand is more favourable as it needs more immigrants. When immigrants arrive into the country, they come with a lot of innovative ideas that fuel growth and development in the city. Even though the migrants can be cause for a rise in house price, they are the people who are also responsible for business growth in several products and services. Many of the Asians in Auckland busy multiple properties, according to the real estate analysts. As per the statistics of New Zealand, by 2031, the population of Auckland is going to increase from 1.5 million to 2 million. It accounts 61 per cent of New Zealand’s population which is in comparable with London, Tokyo, Paris or Copenhagen. The current situation in the New Zealand is appropriate for its cities to explore their relationships. It is a fact that has to be accepted that all the cities that are vibrant have a transnational and healthy immigration population. These factors are essential for the growth and prosperity of a country’s economy. The competition for jobs from other people including immigrants’ makes everyone try harder, raise quality, standard of service and acquire new skills. Immigrants can also help in the generation of employment and injection of money in the economy of New Zealand. Many of the immigrants also downgrade their immigration skills in order to settle in the country. Hence, immigrants are regarded as the fresh blood needed for New Zealand who are also source for cheap and reliable labour for businesses.

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