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Steps to be taken in Applying for a New Zealand Visitor Visa

Methods to obtain a New Zealand Visitor Visa

New-Zealand-Visitor-VisaAn applicant needs a visa to visit New Zealand on holiday, depending on the place of residence and the duration of stay.

Who needs a visa?

Visa is required if the applicant is from:

  •  A country not present on the visa-waiver list
  •  A country present on the visa-waiver list and where the person is staying for a period exceeding 3 months
  •  The UK and is staying for a period exceeding 6 months

Visa is not required for a permanent resident/citizen of NZ or Australia.

How long you can stay

A general visitor visa allows a person to stay in NZ for 3 months. In case of a wish to stay in New Zealand beyond the period of tourist visa allows, the person can apply for an extension of duration Cost

The fee is charged based on citizenship an applicant, the type of visitor visa sought and the country of origin. No refunds of application fee are done. It can be paid through a Bank cheque, a Credit card or in case of UK by a Switch card.

How to apply

An applicant has to provide:

  1. An online application/completed visitor visa application in form number INZ 1017 and have two color-passport photos
  2. A passport with 3 months validity after the date of intended departure from NZ
  3. An exit ticket from NZ, or sufficient funds to buy one
  4. Proof of sufficient funds to live in NZ. This is around NZD$1000 per month or
  5. NZD $400 per month when accommodation is paid, or
  6. A completed Sponsorship Form for Temporary Entry (in form INZ 1025), if some person agrees to extend financial support.
  7. Medical examinations and x-ray certificates required8. A chest x-ray or a medical certificate of good health
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