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New Zealand is a beautiful and thriving country, with many attractions for young skilled migrants wishing to develop their career. While the country is relatively small, it offers a rapidly growing economy, and a high quality of life. The high rate of growth of local industries means there is a significant demand for skilled workers, and provides a great opening for immigrants to New Zealand.

Do you have an IELTS qualification?

New Zealand is a predominantly English speaking country, though it has gained an increasingly multicultural climate in recent years. Maori is also one of the country’s official languages, though not commonly used by non-Maori communities. For those wanting to migrate to New Zealand from non-English speaking countries, an IELTS qualification is invaluable, as it will demonstrate a high degree of language proficiency. This is accepted by government bodies and most businesses and institutions across the country, so whether you are you coming to study or work, it is a useful qualification to possess.

New Zealand visas

When visiting the country, on a short term, long term or permanent basis, visitors must ensure they have the correct visa beforehand. New Zealand offers extended work permits which enables immigrants to stay for up to five years. There is also an essential skills visa, which is aimed at people under 55 who hold any of the skills that are in high demand by the country. For immigrants with families, the education system in New Zealand offers easily accessible state schooling, as well as a select number of private schools. The country also has a highly reputed collection of higher education institutions, which attract many students from overseas due to their worldwide prestige. The New Zealand government will also provide partial subsidies for students who want to progress to higher education, demonstrating the country’s commitment to nurturing talent and skills.

New Zealand work Ethic

While there are many practical advantages offered by a move to New Zealand, it is also important to consider that the country may present quite a drastic cultural change and pace of lifestyle. Though it is often portrayed as being very easy going, there is a strong work ethic and drive towards expansion. Costs of living are similar to many other urban Western countries, and home prices have recently increased significantly. But despite these concerns, New Zealand offers and incredibly picturesque and warm welcome to immigrants, with the opportunity to discover your potential and contribute to a vibrant, youthful society.

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