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Kiwi Land – Green Grass and High Tides

Kiwi Land – Green Grass and High TidesWhy should you live in New Zealand? I'll let you be the judge of that, but read on.

Sitting in the summer sun

Do you like to relax in a hammock, sip your favorite drink and read a book? Do you like the sound of the waves crashing on shore? Or do you like to ride that wave on your surfboard? Almost any beach in New Zealand is in a five-kilometer radius from wherever you live. You can choose from surfing beaches to relaxing beaches, and sands of black, white and yellow.

Born to be wild

Welcome to the land where birds don't fly but mammals do. No, don't be surprised. Kiwis and bats are abundant here. Now you get my streak. Most of the animals in this country are endangered species. You find varieties of birds, whales, seals, sea lions and dolphins in this beautiful country. Apart from that, there are pristine jungles to feed your adventurous spirit.

I lava you

Volcano that magical golden liquid emanating from the depths of the earth. What a sight to see! New Zealand has dozens of volcanoes. The geysers, hot springs, mud pools, lava and steam from the underworld makes you wonder about the mysteries of the earth, doesn't it?

That's what friends are for

Friendly by nature, Kiwis love to make you feel at home. They are a small population to begin with. They are open-minded and kind to strangers. You don't feel like an alien in a foreign land. They like to welcome you with open arms.

Don't worry. Be happy

No pressure. Just relax. New Zealand is a very relaxed country with an easygoing lifestyle. They believe in work-life balance, simple living, and good quality living. If you don't like a fast-paced life New Zealand is the place for you.

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