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New Zealand has become a favourite destination for skilled Indians

As per the recent figures related to New Zealand Immigration, it has been shown that India is the main source for skilled migrants who are settling in the New Zealand. In the year of 2011-2012, by using the country’s program of skilled immigration, about 3.921 Indians have become the permanent residents of New Zealand. This immigration process is partly driven by the Indian students who stay in New Zealand towards become its permanent residents. With only 3.183 Brits arriving in New Zealand as permanent skilled workers, India has occupied the top spot of major source country for skilled arrivals by overtaking Britain. It can be deduced that the number of skilled workers from Britain to New Zealand has decreased dramatically in the past few years. In the year of 2004-05, around 11, 665 Brits have moved to New Zealand, which constituted more than 49 percent of skilled migrants in the country. With over 3,000 migrants who have moved to New Zealand, Brits have accounted for just 17 per cent of the country’s total skilled newcomers. For the last ten years, the migrants to New Zealand have been decreasing in numbers. This is a major aspect to watch out for as there was real growth in migrants to New Zealand due to the popularity of Lord of the Rings trilogy. Due to the large scale of redevelopment and building projects that are being done in earthquake hit Canterbury, the number of skilled migrants entering the New Zealand has increased. Sankar Ramasamy, Migration Research Manager, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment said that the demand for New Zealanders would be high for particular jobs in Canterbury. He also said that they need more migrant workers when the required skills are not met in the domestic market of New Zealand.  It has been observed that many of the new permanent resident migrants are the foreign students who are presently studying in the Universities of New Zealand. However, the interesting fact is many of these foreign students are from India.

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