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Strong Economy of New Zealand finds attractive for Immigrants

People who have been immigrating to New Zealand for settling in the country has increased at a remarkable level. When compared to the previous four years, it has increased to the highest levels. According to the official stats, New Zealand country gained 2,300 immigrants in the month of June. This was mainly due to more arrivals of immigrants into the country and less New Zealanders moving to Australia. The relative economic strength of Australia is drawing immigrants into the country. Christchurch, which was damaged by the earthquake, was drawing more immigrants due to their search for work. The economy of Australia is also making many people to leave that country. Under the basis of annual data, it is observed that New Zealand gained 7, 00 people.   newzealand Auckland has also attracted a number of immigrants in the current scenario. Many economists also fear that these immigrants movement will put high pressure on the region's property market. It is predicted that the economy is going to experience immigration rise to 15,000 people, by 2013 end. Doug Steel, BNZ economist, said that the immigration boost will add 28,000 more people to current population, in a year. As per Mr. Steel, the slow growth of Australian economy was behind the situation. In the present conditions, the net loss of migrants to the country of Australia reduced to 1600, which was the lowest in past three years.

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