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How can you Acquire a Schengen Visa from India 

How-can-you-acquire-a-Schengen-visa-from-IndiaSchengen Visa is the name give to Visa issued to all the European Union countries. The applicant who has been granted a Schengen Visa can move within Europe anywhere and anytime with few approvals. The Schengen Visa, visa process and its requirement will let you the freedom to get into of the EU countries which have been stated by the Schengen Treaty and Visa.

There is an online web interface where you fill in your visa application to any particular Schengen country where you wish to travel. The Visa shall be granted for 90-180 days which can be further extended based on the purpose of stay submitted by the applicant with significant approvals from concerned firm/authority so that it can ease out the process.

Schengen Visa agreement applies to 26 countries who have been able to fulfil the requirements of being a part of Schengen to facilitate the travelling across territories and favour the smooth flow of trade, business, general tourist visit and labour among the countries. Romania and Bulgaria are two new countries to have signed the pact with matched criteria and Parameters set by the key members of the Schengen area.

India and citizens from India a dominant partner who has raised several Visa request for travel made to key strategic Schengen countries like the Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, etc

There are primarily two types of Visas issued to enter Schengen area:

Single Entry Visa: It allows an extended stay to any of the countries to the applicant with a valid Schengen Visa permit. The individual can enter any part of the country without the issuance of a new Visa.

Multiple Entry Visa: As the name suggest it allows multiple visits in any of the Schengen countries. The stay can be continuous as in for the period of Visa issue which is 90-180 days the visa gets expired if the no. of exits equals the no. of valid entries to any of the countries. So it is wise enough to understand the required no. of the limit of exits and visits.

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