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Out-of-the-Box Jobs in South Africa
Posted on: 01 Jul 2016  |   Tags: ,

Out-of-the-Box Jobs in South AfricaThere is a shortage of certain skills in every country, right? Most of us have the qualifications for these jobs. South Africa decides to throw a curve ball and adds a few unusual ones on the list.

1. Space Weather Specialist

Do you remember the storms on the surface of the sun wreaking havoc in a few places closer to the North Pole, recently? These people identify such events in space to make sure people on earth are prepared for calamities. You didnt think such a job existed, did you?

2. Bioinformatician

If you dont like biology, mathematics and technology, you can skip this one. But if you do, this job will feel like Christmas all-year-round. Bioinformatics combines all of the above to study about all living beings.

3. Metrologist

Metrology, not Met-eo-rology, is the study of measurement. While the purpose of this field is puzzling, South Africa really thinks it is important. Looks like the number of metrologists are nothing compared to the number of puzzled people.

4. Metallurgical Scientist

The field of Metallurgy studies anything metal elements and compounds, acids and bases. No, metal music is not part of their study. If you love studying metal which does not include Iron Maiden or Slayer, then you should think of metallurgy as a career.

5. Palaeoscientist

The dinosaurs, the caveman, the flint stones are all results of Palaeosciences. This study of earth from the day it came into existence. These scientists try to find the answers to those mysteries of ancient earth that have baffled man for years. Also, give ideas to Steven Spielberg for his movies.

If by any tiny chance you have specialized in any one of these fields, then make South Africa your home.

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