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What Need to Know More About South African Business Visa ?

South African Business Visa

Work in South Africa :

South Africa has always been supportive for foreign individuals to come and work or establish their own business in South Africa. Africa has always provided good opportunities for the people who visited Africa in terms of work or business. Then department of home affairs has amended few regulations in June 2014 which had some changes in certain permit and visa categories. Africa business visa was one of them. The South African business visa has designed for foreign individuals who wish to invest in any exsisting business or any new business.

Who can Apply for a South African Business Visa:

Individuals who are planning to seek temporary or permanent residence in Africa can set up with their own business or partnership or with a purchased company are eligible for applying a South African business visa. Corporate who wants to expand their business in South Africa, a South African business visa is probably not the correct path.

South African Business Visa Eligibility Criteria:

  • Investment in the business
  • Creation of jobs 
  • Success of the business
  • Appropriate company structure 

Requirements for South Africa Work Visa:

  • Application for submitting the embassy, consulate or the department of home affairs
  • The South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) application
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Proof of advertisement
  • Documentation regarding the contract of employment and letter that states the under taking of the repatriation deposit
  • Medical certificates
  • Registration with the professional organization which have a presence in South Africa
  • Documents regarding your personal information
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