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Steps Involved In Applying Hong Kong Student Visa
Posted on: 15 Dec 2015  |   Tags: Hong Kong , student visa , study , Visa ,

Hong Kong student visaHong Kong is not only a place for travelers and guests to visit and see what the nation has to offer. Hong Kong is a hub for education where students from various parts of the globe are welcomed here for studies. When it comes to education, this country maintains international standards. That is the reason every year several overseas student comes to Hong Kong for pursuing their higher education.

Among several students coming from different places of the world, students coming from the neighboring Asian countries are more in number. Especially Indian students are more among the students who are profiting from Hong Kong's outstanding education which is attracting a number of bright students from India. Hong Kong is the ideal choice for those who are in a plan to study abroad. So, in order to attend higher education, the overseas students need to apply for the Hong Kong student visa

Once the candidate gets accepted by an organization, they need to get a Hong Kong student visa or the entry permit. Each and every non-local student needs this visa; either they come for full-time studies or an exchange programme. Normally, these non-local students need local sponsors, which are prearranged through their educational institutions, with crucial supporting certificates. Generally, the Department of immigration needs the subsequent documents, even though they may request for others depending on the definite situations. Usually, it takes six weeks to process the visa application for study upon receiving of all the necessary certificates. 

In order to study in this country, the candidate needs one of the below mentioned Hong Kong student visas. These visas are reliant on many aspects. 

  • For primary and secondary school students: If any candidate who desires to pursue their education in primary or secondary level school student they need to have an acceptance offer letter from a private educational institution. So to gain a Hong Kong student visa for a primary and secondary school student, the candidate should be between 5 and 20 years of age and they also need to confirm that they can meet their requirements and tuition fees.
  • University and Higher Education Students: For students who want to pursue an education in this country at university level they need to have an admittance letter from that particular university or college whether public or private. They need to prove that they can meet any fees that are required. 
  • Professional Training: Under this the visa is valid up to 12 months and for those who are not academic students but are able to study in Hong Kong as part of a company training scheme and are valid only while the applicant is in his/her training period. The sponsoring company fiscally upholds the student with an agreement that the candidate will take delivery of training at the company’s location until the end of the approved period. After the completion of training, the candidate must go back to their homeland.

Hence, there are few steps to be followed by the candidate in order to get a Hong Kong student visa

  • Need a sponsor
  • Need to fill the necessary forms or documents
  • Submit an application for student visa requirements

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