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US Work Study Program for International Students
Posted on: 27 Jan 2016  |   Tags: US work study program , USA , Work Study Program ,

US Work Study ProgramThe US is the first choice for the students who want to pursue education. The US is also home for the best universities among the world that provides world class education. Each year, many foreign students migrate to the US for pursuing education in its world-class colleges, schools and universities.

Most of the colleges and universities in the US provide the facility of working while pursuing education through its Work Study Program. If an international student planning to study in the US could gain from this US Work Study Program that allows the students to work while they learn.

With this program, the overseas students are eligible to work with the US firms off campus. If a student is pursuing higher education in the US, they are permitted to work as an intern for around 40 hours per week.

The US work study program also offers a practical job experience to the overseas students in the US firms associated with their curriculum. The student has to take a paid internship job. The eligibility criteria for this work-study program is that the international student should be registered in the study program as regular student, show the evidence of financial requirement, should also show the satisfactory academic progress while doing job under the program.

US Provide Four Types of Options to Work While Study in the US:

  • On-Campus
  • Off-Campus
  • Curricular Practical Training
  • Optional Practical Training


Students pursuing education on the F-1 visa are allowed to work on campus or at off-campus place which is affiliated with the institution. Like doing job in the university canteen or bookstore etc.


Students are also allowed to work outside the campus, only when they had finished a year of education.

Curricular Practical Training

This program is related to the student’s curriculum. The employer is sponsored through the university or college. It provides students to get the job training, and students can work in the positions related to paid internships.

Optional Practical Training

Students under STEM-related subjects can apply for the OPT program. A student can apply for this program while they are pursuing their education, it is also called as Pre-Completion OPT, and students can also apply for the program after completing their studies which is called as Post-Completion OPT Program.

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