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Utilise The Opportunities for Skilled Workers in Australia – Fulfill Your Dream 0

Australia is one of the developed economies in the world that offers various employment opportunities for skilled people. The features of Australia’s economy are private enterprises, industrialisation, high technology, large scale productions and abundant natural resources. Hence, it is notable that the unemployment rate in Australia is low and better than many countries. Australia also […]

$6.6 Million Fund for Migrants Unemployment – Federal Government 0

A survey from The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Characteristics of Recent Migrants looked into the higher unemployment rates among the migrants as compared to Australian-born citizens. The survey reported that there is an 85 per cent unemployment rate among migrants. The report also detailed that in as much as 65 per cent of the migrants […]

Aussie ad business on various Apps 0

Around the world,  there are many smart phone users who downloaded more than 80 billion apps this year. According to the forecast, in the coming years the number is going to double by 160 billion by the year 2017. Many users download apps on their smartphone to make their surfing extremely easy. Now-a-days the apps […]

Upward Revisions of Australia by Enhancing the Infrastructure 0

Australia has been building new homes, shopping centers and offices. According to the revised data a promising sign of development is seen in the key areas of Australia. Australia is back on the path of recovery. The new figures will be welcomed by the Government for the development of Australia by building new homes and […]

The New Australian Visa Fees are now under the spotlight 0

The Department of Immigration introduced new visa application fees from the 1st of July. Generally, the visa application fee rises every year by about 5%. For the first time, this year government has brought considerable additional visa fees where the family members are also on the application. There will be an additional fee for the […]

Wholesale Fight offers flight tickets on discounted prices 0

Wholesale Fights is known for its offers. They offer some of the best discounted business class and first class fight tickets around the world. They have being offering their services to more than 30 countries. As we very well know that Australia is a hot spot for all the travelers and for education purpose. Wholesale […]