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Apply for Australia Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 489) – Sponsored & Nominated 2

Australia or more popularly the ‘’kangaroo nation’’ is a much sought after immigration destination because of high rise buildings, beautiful attractions and interesting places of tourist interest. The Great Barrier Reef and the majestic Sydney Harbor are all located in Australia. The nation of Australia has a long standing history of immigrants coming here in […]

Australia Skilled Regional Visa

Australian Skilled Immigration Points Calculator

Australian Skilled Immigration Points Calculator 2015- A quick glance! 0

Australia tops the chart of most sought-after destinations for overseas nationals in terms of quality living standards, education, career opportunities and friendly culture. If you are interested to move to Australia for the purpose of work, there are various ways to do so, including skilled independent, skilled nominated, skilled regional and sponsored visa schemes. All […]

Australia SkillSelect – An Excellent Opportunity to Live and Work in Australia 1

If you are interested to immigrate to Australia, you need to know about Australia SkillSelect. Read on find more about Australia SkillSelect. What is Australia SkillSelect ? Australia SkillSelect is an electronic service, which helps Australia to manage the skilled migration programs depending on the economic needs of the country. SkillSelect can also help in managing […]

Australia SkillSelect

Australian Immigration points calculator

Australian Immigration Points Calculator 2014 0

What is a Skillselect Australia? Australia SkillSelect is a service which is available online that provides the facility for highly skilled workers and businessmen keen in migrating to Australia to provide the needed information to complete an application to migrate. This is considered as the first step to calculate the points. Through the provision of Australia skillselect program information, an […]