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Australian Residents and Australian Citizens – How they are NOT the Same! 0

However similar ‘Australian PR’ and ‘Australian Citizenship’ sound, there are some dissimilarity between the two. Here are some of them. Australian Citizen: An Australian citizen has all the benefits and responsibilities that a citizen of a country would. Citizens can have an Australian Passport and when they travel to other countries, they are entitled to […]

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Apply for Australia Student Visa for Higher Education 3

Australia is the world’s sixth-largest country by total area and is officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia. It is the most popular destinations in the world when it comes to skilled migration and tourism. The immigration system in Australia is very efficient as it serves the huge demand for skilled migrants. Australian visas are […]

Improvements in Organizing Migration Scheme for South Australian Employers 0

Australia has flora found land which is nowhere else found in the world. The country has friendly people with different cultures. It has unusual wildlife and wide-open space. Australia provides an impressive, and a unique vista which includes the delightful deserts, the fun filled snow fields, magnificent beaches, rainforests and wetlands, the mountain ranges, the […]

MoreVisas - Australia Online Booking Tool

Australia Launched Online Booking Tool for its Tourism 0

In order to help operators of tours for providing payment options and online bookings for customers, the government of Australia introduced an online widget. Australian Tourism Booking Widget can be installed by tourism businesses like tour operators or hotels on their Facebook pages or websites to provide real-time payment, booking and help desk options. This […]

$6.6 Million Fund for Migrants Unemployment – Federal Government 0

A survey from The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Characteristics of Recent Migrants looked into the higher unemployment rates among the migrants as compared to Australian-born citizens. The survey reported that there is an 85 per cent unemployment rate among migrants. The report also detailed that in as much as 65 per cent of the migrants […]

Upward Revisions of Australia by Enhancing the Infrastructure 0

Australia has been building new homes, shopping centers and offices. According to the revised data a promising sign of development is seen in the key areas of Australia. Australia is back on the path of recovery. The new figures will be welcomed by the Government for the development of Australia by building new homes and […]

Australia’s $95 billion dollar tourism industry believes that they can keep the nation’s economy firing 0

The Australia’s $95 billion dollar tourism industry believes that they can keep the nation’s economy firing even while the manufacturing and mining industry are declining. According to the words of chief executive of Tourism & Transport Forum (TTF), Ken Morrison, the tourism can fill the gap in the economy which had occurred due to the […]