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B1 Business Visa for Overseas Entrepreneurs 0

The B-1 Business visa is a non-immigrant visa group is meant only for a specific and definite activity. The maximum time period for an overseas individual as a B-1 non-immigrant in the United States is 6 months this is the genuine time period for entry which is fair and sensible for finishing off the purpose […]

B1 Business Visa

Business visa for USA

Essential Requirements of B-1 Business Visa for USA 0

Are you a dynamic investor planning to multiply your investments? Wishing to live and invest in the high demanded markets of the USA where there is a maximum scope for business? Well, if your answer is yes, then ensure to utilize the B-1 business visa for USA, which is specially designed for immigrants like you. An overseas […]

Canadian Business Visa Process 0

Canadian Business Visa: If an applicant for a Canadian business visa is intending to visit Canada for the sake of his/her business in Canada, then a separate business visa is not necessary and an ordinary ‘visitor visa’ would suffice. Thus, if an applicant Canadian business visa is seeking to visit Canada for a short-term period to grow […]

Canadian Business Visa

what are the procedings to business visa

What are the proceedings of getting a German business visa? 0

Getting a visa for travelling to any part of the world is not a matter of joke because you will have to undergo a lot of proceedings for the same and those proceedings need to be taken care of properly so as to get the arrangements done perfectly. Our website specializes in proper provision of […]

Certain facts one should know about German business visa? 0

Visa is an official document which is highly beneficial as well as important for the travelling of individuals from one place to another. So, in maximum cases you have to opt for a visa for travelling purposes overseas and if you are planning the same then obviously you will have to undertake the application of […]