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Why Should we get Ready for the Next Intake of Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program – SINP 0

English is the main language. CLB 4 is the requirement in all the 4 modules. Reading, writing, speaking, listening. Job offer not mandate if you are getting 60 points on other attributes of age education experience and language No Tuition fee for education in Public schools for Residents. Around $20,000 rebates for Graduates and Post […]

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Why Immigrate to Canada 0

Canada is among the couple of nations in the Western World that is actively looking for immigrants. Not just is it easier to emigrate to Canada than to various other lands of opportunity, it is also probably one of the most attractive countries where to live. The United Nations recently called Canada amongst the best […]


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Canadian Immigration 0

Work, Study and Living in Canada Have you ever considered a move to the prosperous, fast-paced country of Canada? Canada offers unlimited potential and opportunities. With a very high standard of living, Canada is one of the richest countries, and getting richer. For those looking for an adventure in life then nothing could be more […]

Why Multiculturalism Works in Canada? 1

Multiculturalism is one of the most defining aspects of Canadian identity, and it is extremely rare to hear complaints or allegation from immigrants about discrimination in any of the Canadian cities. Now the question arises, what makes Canada different than other countries and how multiculturalism works in one place and fails in others? Canada has […]

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Canadian Skilled Worker Visas 1

For a number of years Canada has been a very popular destination for Indian migrants, particularly those who are classed as skilled workers. Many have migrated to thriving cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary where their professional or entrepreneurial skills are welcomed and continue to be in great demand. An example of a scheme to […]

Canadian university officials will visit Indian cities to woo students 1

For centuries, Canada has been the most popular destination for those planning to settle abroad. Thousands of expats, immigrants and students move to Canada every year for a bright future. Several people simply go there for few months or a couple of years while others plan to settle in Canada in order to start a […]


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Ontario to Launch Recognition Leadership Award for Immigration Employment Leaders 0

The Canadian provinces combined together makes the world’s second largest country in terms of area. The ten provinces of Canada include British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Saskatchewan. Ontario is the most popular providence of Canada. Ontario is Canada’s leading manufacturing province which accounts […]

Apply for Business Visa to Canada for Excellent Business Opportunities 0

Canada is differentiated for being diverse, dynamic, and multicultural nation. It has impressive scenery in addition to premium metropolitan life. Canada has higher political and cultural worth. Canada is associated with winter and snow, however the fact is the climate is as diverse as its landscape. The climate sculpts the landscape of Canada with warm, […]

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Employee Demand Felt in Education and learning Industry 0

The need for employees in Canada is being felt in the education industry. Academy Canada is looking for a team of new instructors at its universities in Corner Creek and St. John’s, particularly for the competent professions sector. There is a need for educators to enhance the skill and knowledge of students. Spokesperson Brian Loder […]