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The Leading German Company Sees Strong Growth In Canada 0

Liqui Moly is a German company that deals into motor oil and additives. The company is expecting a tremendous growth in Canada in the near future. The sales figures of the company has doubled in the recent days. The success of the company is due to its superior quality products that they sell. Canada has […]

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The Skilled Migrants in Canada are Highest Earners 0

According to the latest study called Immigrant Earnings Differences Across Admission Categories and Landing Cohorts, the Canadian independent skilled immigrants have “substantially and consistently” the highest earning of the four categories of immigrants. There was a research conducted between three different immigrant categories, which include economic migrants, independent skilled migrants and family class migrants, the […]

Steady Economic Growth for Manitoba, Winnipeg Creates New Jobs 0

Manitoba has shown a steady economic growth in the recent months. Manitoba’s key economic strength is because of the stability they have shown in terms of development. According to the reports of Bank of Montreal (BMO), Manitoba’s economy is expected to grow by 2% in this year. Winnipeg is Manitoba’s largest capital city. Winnipeg expects […]

Boost to the Economy – Tattered Factories Show Signs of Recovery 0

Many factories in Canada went back to business with 0.7 percent increase in their sales, in the month of May. It is estimated that the second quarter of the year will be better. The recovery of sales had happened after a 2.1 percent drop in manufacturing sales, in April. David Madani of Capital Economics said […]

Government of Canada plans to help youth in getting jobs 0

The Government of Canada is planning to support the youth to help them gain the knowledge, skills and experience that would be useful for them to enter and succeed in the job market. The Governments top priority is to create jobs, long term prosperity and economic growth in Canada. This could attract a number of […]

International students are the growing economic contributors of Canada 0

International students are the growing economic contributors of Canada. This is the sector in which the federal government and the education community are working together to promote Canada Immigration. The efforts are paying off, as the number of students from India alone, studying in college, has jumped from 1,500 to 8,000 over the last 4 […]

Faster Citizenship Application Process 0

The government of Canada on June 3 announced relaxed rules for the citizenship application process. This will allow the applicants who had failed in their first test can rewrite the test than that of waiting for an appointment for the citizenship judge. According to the announcement by the Canadian government the citizenship applicants who have […]

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Northwest employers eye skilled immigrants for hire Thunder Bay recruiter says immigrants often bring years of experience to business 0

A northern Ontario non-profit group is ramping up efforts to bring more skilled workers to the northwest. Laurentian University’s Professions North/Nord wants to make employers in northwestern Ontario aware of the pool of skilled immigrants in Canada looking for work. Sandy Taddeo, employer outreach officer for Professions North/Nord in Sudbury (Supplied) Sandy Taddeo, employer outreach […]

Canadian Invites To Join Online Consultation On Immigration 0

In an exceptional move, certain stakeholders and the Canadian public have been supportive to submit their ideas on immigration to an online consultation website. The site had been launched by Canada’s Immigration Minister Mr. Jason Kenney on the 21st June, and will run until 31st August. Mr. Kenney launched the scheme by stating the importance […]

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Education Numbers Increasing in Canada 0

Last week, Statistics Canada released figures regarding the education and labour rates from its 2011 National Household Survey. It looks like the residents of Brant and Haldimand-Norfolk are becoming more educated when compared to the census numbers in the year 2006. In some cases,  the rates are faster than the rest of the province. Canadian […]