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Become Residents of Canada through Canadian Experience Class 0

The Canada’s temporary workers those who are willing to become the permanent residents can now apply under this Canadian Experience Class (CEC) immigration program. This comes under the new immigration category. The candidates who have already obtained the work experience in this country and those who have secured significant networks in their communities are best […]

Canadian Experience Class

Canadian Experience Class

Canadian Experience Class Occupation List 0

Canadian Experience Class: Canadian Experience class (CEC) is mainly designed for the people who have resided in Canada for some time and having good language skills in either English or French with good work experience which can be used for the Canadian society. The intention behind CEC is to help the people having these qualities. […]

Canadian Experience Class Immigration 0

Canadian Experience Class (CEC) has been created for the people, who have lived in Canada for some time with good English or French language skills and have good and suitable work experience as a skilled worker, to help them to take part in the economy of Canada. Those who are staying in Canada as a […]

Canadian Experience Class Immigration