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Are You Concerned How to Get the Canadian Citizenship? 0

Passionate of becoming a permanent Canadian citizen, worry not! Here are the various succeeding ways illustrating how to get the Canadian Citizenship. As a citizen of Canada, you can ensure all the benefits like social and health assets also can work anywhere in the country. In order to stay permanently in Canada, you must apply […]

How to Get the Canadian Citizenship

Lost your Canadian PR Card

Lost your Canada PR Card ? Find out What to do ? 0

Lost your Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) Card? Bothering on the same? Don’t worry; we are here to provide you information if your Canada PR card is lost or stolen by someone else.     What to do If You Lost Your Canada PR Card ? The first thing you need to do is to report it to […]

Are Immigrants in Canada more skilled than Immigrants in US ? 0

Canadian immigrants are comparatively more skilled than US immigrants. Do you know why? The government of Canada makes several attempts in finding skilled migrants. A comparison was made between the immigrants in Canada and the US, and it was found that the people migrated to Canada are better educated and earning high salaries than those who moved […]

Immigrants in Canada more skilled than Immigrants in US

Canadian Experience Class Immigration

Canadian Experience Class Immigration 0

Canadian Experience Class (CEC) has been created for the people, who have lived in Canada for some time with good English or French language skills and have good and suitable work experience as a skilled worker, to help them to take part in the economy of Canada. Those who are staying in Canada as a […]

Canada Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Program 0

CIC has reopened the Canada Federal Skilled worker program under which new occupations and caps have been announced with effect from 01st May, 2014. The new occupation list under the Canada Federal Skilled worker (FSW) program has 50 eligible occupations and a maximum of 1000 applications will be accepted for each occupation. A total of […]

Canada FSW Program

skilled worker

Quebec Skilled Worker Program for Migration to Quebec and to Canada 0

Basic needs for Quebec skilled worker: Quebec has its separate/individual program pertaining to the immigration of skilled workers known as ‘Quebec skilled worker’ program. Thus, it has its separate and independent set of rules for choosing immigrants who in its opinion are suitable for it and will adjust best to its living conditions. Thus, of course, […]