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Rennes – The Best City to Live and Work in France! 0

When you ask people about the best places to live in France, they just name Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux. However, a new report reveals that the Breton region of Rennes stands as the top destination. It is considered as the best city for foreigners who look for quality lifestyle. Rennes has a better environment compared […]

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The Host of UEFA European Championship 2016

France – The Host of UEFA European Championship 2016 0

If you are football freak, you know where to go this June. UEFA European Championship matches are going to take place in 10 of the most gorgeous cities in France –Lens, Bordeaux, Lyon, Lille, Nice, Paris, Marseille, Saint-Étienne, Toulouse, and Saint-Denis from 10th June for an entire month. What takes one ball, eleven players, and […]

Indian Employees Among Most Contented 0

In an international survey conducted by GFK in alliance with Monster worldwide it is upshot  that one in five people in India adore his job to such a great extent that he would work for free. As per the survey report, India was placed third in international happiness rankings with 55% of employees in India […]

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